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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Syria's ambassador to the UN likens Tueni to a dog

Fayssal Mekdad has reportedly called Gebran Tueni a dog.
Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, Fayssal Mekdad, likened slain Lebanese legislator Gibran Tueni to a dog yesterday and indicated that Israel leads American policy on his country.

Mr. Mekdad blamed Israel for his country's increased isolation and dismissed the Lebanese Cabinet's request to expand the Hariri investigation to probe six other alleged political assassinations...

"So now every time that a dog dies in Beirut there will be an international investigation?" Mr. Mekdad said to an Arab diplomat during a closed-door council session, according to a diplomat who heard the conversation but asked to remain anonymous.

Better a loyal, smart and courageous dog than a descendant from a dastardly species of half-men.

I said it many times, the guy's a clown, a true representant of Baathist syria
Isn't dog a compliment in Syria? it should be. the smallest dog in Lebanon is better than their greatest """"""leader"""""".
Guys, even here in teh da7yeh they were distributing baklawa once they heard that Gebran died.
He is the one who treated them of 'Sheep' or 'Ghanam' after the March 8 demonstrations.
He is the one who treated them of 'Sheep' or 'Ghanam' after the March 8 demonstrations.

He used the french expression "mouton de panurge" which is a figurative expression to say that they followed what their leader said without thinking about it. If they lack culture and didn't understand what he said, it's their problem.
Yeah sure, y como no compadre? as they say south of the freedom-loving el Presidente’s Waco ranch?

First, you peddle a second-hand piece of “information” (of shall I say Neocon infomercial?) emanating from a highly trustworthy albeit conveniently “anonymous” source- for even in New York city’s Midtown boroughs, most backward Ayyyrab/Bedouin diplomats live in fear of “bloodthirsty Baathist bombers”…

Then, once the straw man du jour is well inflated, you hit him hard with faux indignant piques such as “Paul David Wolfowitz was right about Mitchell Aflaq’s vile ideology: this is unalteredly truly evil”.… “this cynical Syrian diplomat called our people stray dogs, I mean like Jeez, can you imagine?”…. “I know for a fact that the Baath party was founded precisely when Adolf Hitler’s hometown in lower Bavaria was perfectly aligned with the cosmic axis of evil vis-à-vis the fourth pillar of Roslyn’s Chapel- not to mention the Mohammedanfascist so-called four pillars of Koranic wisdom”…. “Herr Saddam unplugged all of Kuwait’s incubators after having pieced through the maternities with Baathist bayonets, or vice versa, damn it! I’m not so sure, got to call Carl fast to get an updated version of the Tex-Aviv talking points”….blah blah Zzzzzzzzzz

tw. “straw man”: a weak or imaginary opposition (as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted.
This sheep thing is a joke. Tueni never used it this way. The HA propaganda misquoted him deliberately. He never said that the Shias were sheeps. (although it's true that the HA followers are ghanam but the fundamentalists don't have a monopoly on the Shia community).

Michael Totten on the HA :
And you call him ambassador?
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