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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hizbullah's Mujahedeen face evil on their own

Hussein Assaf, identified as a Hizbullah member, miraculously escaped assassination today when his car exploded "seconds" after he left it and went into the house of Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek in Hizbullah-controlled Baalback.

Lebanese police confirmed there were no casualties and then sat and watched as "Hizbullah guerrillas cordoned-off the roads leading to the blast site."

We already know who did it.

"We blame the Zionist enemy for planning and executing this attack," a Hizbullah statement said.

Hizbullah vowed to "do all ... necessary to cut off the hands that target its Mujahedeen with evil ... and defend Lebanon and its people."

Don't expect Hizbullah to use FBI expertise or call for an international investigation to solve this riddle! Whatever for? The "state within a state" has its own security organ and its courts are ready to judge and sentence the would-be killers to death if necessary.

Watch this timely incident become an excuse for continued "resistance" and going at it alone. There will be plenty of across-the-board condemnation but little geniune sympathy, as you can probably tell.

Kais, what is the probability, if any, that the whole incident was staged in an effort to justify the continued need to "defend Lebanon" from the US-Zionist conspiracy?
Lebanese bloggers said that the guy's name was Mohammad Yazbek and not Hussein Assaf.
The Hizbullah statement (Arabic) says the car parked near Yazbeck's house and that "one of Islamic resistance brothers" stepped out of the car seconds before the explosion. I got the name from Reuters and AFP.

Ghassan: I certainly entertained that scenario in my mind when I wrote the post. The explosion was obviously not large enough to kill/injure him despite him being "seconds" away from the car. I find it hard to believe that Israeli intelligence is less effective than its Syrian or Lebanese counterpart. Remember last year, I think it was October, when the Israelis killed an Islamic resistance guy in the souther suburb in a car explosion. And I don't think it's an internal job (i.e. someone from the Hizb) because they would not have targeted an Islamic resistance member but somebody from the leadership.

It's awfully suspicious, if you ask me. Too bad we'll never be allowed to learn any details because Hizbullah has already fingered the culprit and the Lebanese authorities usually stay out of resistance business.
I realy do think it's Hizbolla themselves that planed and executed this trick themselves.I think if israel wanted to bomb any hezbolla member it wouldn't find it hard to plant a stronger bomb,as i heard the bomb wasn't to strong to harm anybody and the guy aimed has left his car seconds before the bomb blast.How unbelievable this fabricated story is.
When are we gonna stop the evil hizbolla from harming lebanon.They're the real evil the strong arms of syria left in lebanon.They're allowed what no lebanese is allowed.
When some lebanese accuse syria of the Hariri's murder,hizbollah critisizes them and say there is no proof that syria did it ,and it praises syria.How come they re allowed to blame israel without any investigation or proof.
I think what hizbollah is doing along with syrian help is helping israel more than harming it.
And hizbollah is disgusting me more and more
Why discount Syria?
It's unlikely that Syria has anything to do with it. It's just too risky for them. HA is their last significant ally in Lebanon. If they lose their support they lose everything. It's not worth it.

Kais, Israeli secret services could be less effective than their Syrian equivalent. Israel has cells in Lebanon while Syria has vast networks. Syria controlled Lebanon and the Lebanese security agencies for so long, that their networks are more significant and better implanted. And Israeli agents must operate under considerable security pressure.

It could be Sunni extremists, an internal HA conflict or more simply a private issue between this Assaf and someone else.

Concerning Mohammad Yazbek, it doesn't mean anything. There's so much HA in Baalbak that wherever you blow a bomb, it will always be near the house of some HA leader.
"Hizbullah guerrillas cordoned-off the roads leading to the blast site."

While the army watched from a distance. OK HA controls the South, no army there, cuz we are fighting the zionist entity....blah blah blah

But this is not the South, it's Baalbeck.

Will any politician or police/judiciary official point to the fact that HA is not in charge of the investigation? And that the state should be. You know the answer.
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Funny actually how you mention the army was simply watching. If you look at photographs of the incedent, you will clearly see lebanese military personnel. Why lie to bring your false point across? COme on buddy, be more realistic. Dont talk out of your ass and use the evidence
Kais, I don't think the guys in the pic are part of Hizbullah's "security organ"!
Anon 5:07, is that you in the photographs? Will you be leading the investigations? Do you understand English? Did you not understand what I said, which was a quote from Reuters? It said "Hizbullah guerrillas cordoned-off the roads leading to the blast site." Now, do the photographs show the road to the blast site? Do you understand that I DID NOT say the police was not at the site? As for the other facts relating to the existence of their security organ and the fact that a Lebanese militia has just vowed to exact revenge on an enemy country that is (the revenge)UNSANCTIONED by the authorities who yes, visited the site and then did sit and watch the guerillas cordon off the area and issue ultimatums-- as for these facts, perhaps you need to go take your pea brain out of Hizbullah's ass.
Nobody said that the state was forbidden to enter Baalbeck. Kais said that the state had to share its sovereignty, which is already unacceptable.
Considering Hezbollah's courts, I can give an amusing anecdote about it. A Shia customer owned my father some money and refused to pay it. Another Shia customer proposed to my father and the first Shia customer to go through one of these HA courts. The HA court ruled that the Shia customer had to pay the money back to my father, which he did.

My father love the HA for this (he's an Arab nationalist this could happen to the best families, but I didn't give up on him yet). Anyway, I still believe that this parallel judicial system is not compatible with a state of law.
What Hezbollah courts? vox can you give more details?
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