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Friday, December 02, 2005

Naharnet must apologize to its readers

Naharnet has hit another low. Somebody must altert An-Nahar about their English language publication's unprofessionalism and increasingly sectarian tone. Something like the following would never be published in an-Nahar, or any other professional publication:

Shiites Seemingly Fighting a Lost Cause for Syria in Lebanon

A showdown seems inevitable between the Shiite community and the rest of Lebanon over how to try ex-Premier Rafik Hariri's assassins. The five Shiite cabinet ministers in Premier Saniora's government have openly threatened to resign if the Premier insists on pushing for an international tribunal to try Hariri's suspected killers.…

Spokesman for Saad Hariri's Future Tide bloc, which is the single biggest in parliament and which represents the overwhelming majority of the Sunni Muslim sect, have made it plain their leader would never budge an inch in seeking to bring his father's assassins to justice before an international court. Lebanese Forces executive chief Samir Geagea also supports an international tribunal as well as the Qornet Shahwan coalition of center right Christian politicians.

General Aoun said in a newspaper interview published Friday that he prefers a mixed Lebanese-international tribunal to handle the trial of Hariri's assassins outside Lebanon.

All this goes to show that desperation of the Shiite community in seeking to get President Assad off Hariri's assassination hook represents a very small minority population-wise and parliament-wise.

Ok, I know plenty of Shias who are against Hizbullah's and Amal's pathetic stance. Although we seldom hear their voices, it is a gross exaggeration to claim the "desperate" Shia community is seeking to get Assad off the hook. Whether this is a case of bad writing or not, it's utterly disgraceful and unethical to publish those words. It's lousy journalism. They are misrepresenting an entire sect. It's against the spirit of Lebanon which they claim to defend.

Naharnet must retract this article and issue an apology and clarification as soon as possible. This is totally unacceptable. Shame.

When I saw that article I knew that you will have something to say about it, and I'm glad you did.

The identification of the entire sect with HA is precisely what HA wishes to project, which is why it sought the 2000 law and has actively silenced opposing voices. For Naharnet to concede the entire community to them, nevermind the contempt involved, is quite idiotic.
I agree, Naharnet professionalism has known better days.
Well said! Such mass generalizations are inexcusable, and only move us backwards.

Keep up the great work.
Thanks Allah and Zeus, we the freewheelin Lebanonese avant-guard can rely on our famously objective and disinterested newspapers of reference (the envy of evil/backward/Baathist Ayyyrab Bedouins and other illiterate “enemies of freedom”) such as Al-Daily Star and The Naharistani Bugle...

The Hariri courtier/Samsâr gangsta family is the Saudi conduit of choice for channeling into Lebanon racist Wahhâbi propaganda stigmatizing "evil Mushreqeen" be they "dirty Nasârah" such as Gen. Aoun or "satanic Mataweelah" like Hizbullah...

You might want to file a complaint with the Beiruti Emile Zolas of our time a.k.a. “Al Sahafiyyeen Al-Ahhrâr” such as Saudi-sponsored clowns like Gebran Tueyni or May Shidiac!
Shame indeed.

Since I don't know who is the right person to write to, here are some from Annahar:

Ghassan Tueni: ghs@annahar.com.lb
Gebrah Tueni: gebran@annahar.com.lb

This incitement isn't only shameful, but completely irresponsible and dangerous. They've done this before, and I hope they soon learn not to.
Guys, just out of curiosity, how much would the results have changed in the south if another electoral law was used? How much would it change if the state was present in the south instead of HA? The thing is that the results of the last elections showed a huge,and i mean huge, gap between HA-Amal alliance and their adversaries.
Well dude,

I’m certainly no fan of HA and its phalanx of gullible Persian parrots, BUT I think you’re actually 100% dead-wrong about the 2Q 05 elections…

If it weren’t for the shameless 2000 electoral law cooked in the dirty political kitchens of Riyadh and Damascus by Gerrymander gourmet-in-chief sheikh Rafeeq Al-Hariri, HA and Christians (read Gen. Aoun) would have gotten substantially larger slices of the Parliamentary pie
This is not the first time Mr Tueni and his publications have made disparaging and sectarian remarks, nor will it be the last.

What makes it even more abhorrent is that Mr Tueni ,the owner and editor of al Nahar, is a prominent Lebanese politician.

What we find offensive is only good business for these guys. It may not play well in the southern suburbs of Beirut but it plays and pays well in Riyadh and some areas of Lebanon.

Journalism for Mr Tueni is a means for financial and political gains. The Truth be damned.

Newspapers in Lebanon have very low circulations and advertising revenue. Almost everyone of them is subsidized by someone. In reality there is little freedom in our press.

As for our infamous electoral law of 2000, it will be with us for sometime. Most of the present parliamentarians were elected by that law and it would be unlikely that a majority would vote to change it. The whole electoral system needs to be reformed.

Some groups are over-represented, a new census is needed , people need to vote in their place of residence, Lebanese citizenship has to redefined and the right of expatriates to vote has to be considered.

This is a recipe for conflict and gridlock so we will have this present election law for a long time. HA is not its only beneficiary.

Assouma, HA is also a big Lebanese political player and has no problem insinuating that Christians are Israel's fifth column, and such. Of course though, we never see you outraged at that. You know, there's Israel and neocons and such.

Shalafak lazeez inte.
And I love the "it plays well in some areas in Lebanon." You're priceless! tsk tsk tsk what an idiot.
We need a new census! HAHAHAHAH Wlik yo2borni shou btifham... azka minnak inte min fi bil 3alam killo? Ma fi 7adan. Khla2ak allah w kasar il 2elib. Yi7ri2 7arishak malla bad2a.
Whether its Anton or Ahmed "affendi" you are still abnoxious.

Of course I am outraged if anyone insinuates that all Christians are Israel's "fifth column or that all Shias are HA.

You, however, have earned that distinction by parroting the neocon lies and avoiding "on principle" any discussion or criticism of your Israeli mentors.

Anton the Basher needs to grow up.

In the future , stick to English so that non Arabic speakers can see how foul, childish and foolish you are.

Well said ‘Issam mio !

Comrade Antonov as they call him in the Pharisaic Trotskyite circles of TeX-Aviv is credited for putting the “Con” back into Neocon, and a major-league con for that matter, what Gallic thespians call “le grand con”

You're so childish. I neither know you nor know issam, but from your arabic post (or is it pheonician?!) I can tell: you'd better stick to
keep up the good work nahar and long live lebanon and GOD bless you.
truth hurt nahar net is the voice of truth. lebanon will not be another iran.
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