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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Berri, Hizbullah and patriotism

Berri and Hizbullah’s recent questioning of Siniora’s patriotism did not prevent them from continuing to unpatriotically ignore Syria’s role in massacring Hariri and 20 others in broad daylight in downtown Beirut. (Even Syria is not ignoring Syria's role!)

To explain their unwillingness to point the finger at Syria (despite mounting evidence), the former warlord and his former fundamentalist enemies/friends claim that they are awaiting the results of the investigations. Yet they did not hesitate to accuse Siniora, the US and the rest of the “foreign” world including Israel of all sorts of things without any kind of evidence (of course now their minds have been put to rest by Siniora himself who did the necessary, which in Lebanon consists of making them feel important again… until the next time Siniora tries another USEFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE thing for the country).

So it does not take a genius to conclude that Berri and Hizbullah could not care less about Hariri’s death. One less obstacle, as far as they are concerned. So where do they get off questioning someone else’s patriotism? How is ignoring Hariri’s killers patriotic? Does it not take a patriot to stand up to outside forces that are trying to destroy your country over the heads of those who work for its interests?


Hezbollah's rhetorical game is out of control. I flipped out on my site the other day. Dishonesty and obfuscating the truth really upset me.
I liked it :-)
true, they take sides aainst sanyora without proof, and refuse to do so to syria when there are mountains of eveidenes..

I think the word patriotism is over done, along with the term nationalism and nationalistic leader. Who decides who is patriotic and who is not? Those who work for Lebanon? And what exactly does that constitut?
Oh didn't you hear the news? Hariri was Nasrallah's best pal.
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