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Monday, December 12, 2005

Is Bashar defending Syria till the last Lebanese?

They didn’t waste any time. As soon as journalist and MP Gebran Tueni returned from his Paris hideout, they assassinated him with 2 others including his driver and an unidentified corpse. Over 30 were reportedly wounded.

The technique was similar to that which killed Rafik Hariri:

A police source speaking on condition of anonymity told Adnkronos International (AKI) that the technique used in the attack was similar to that which killed former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri in February. Hariri and 20 others died after a bomb was detonated in a Beirut suburb as the former premier's motorcade passed by.
Jumblatt has blamed Syria:

Gebran Tueni and An-Nahar were being threatened for a long time by the Syrian regime... we got the message. We will persevere." Jumblatt said: "They killed Gebran Tueni today because Mehlis will present his report today. This is a message to the international community and the Lebanese community."
Chibli Mallat’s 3 solutions (interview with Future TV):

Lahoud’s ouster

International tribunal to try those responsible for all the assassinations in Lebanon since the attempt on Hamade

International military protection for Lebanese people

Rafik Khoury, al-Anwar's editor in chief, said in an interview that there is no council of ministers in Lebanon, there is a divided group of people who meet but can't agree on the basics.

Saad Hariri fingered the same "parties that killed Rafik Hariri and the others and that were mentioned in the UN report."

Future TV is airing bits from his March 14 speech:
You built Lebanon’s independence.

Independence is being reborn in Martyrs’ Square…

You are one and united... there won’t be civil war in Lebanon.

Repeat this oath:

We swear by God

Muslims and Christians

We will stay united

Until eternity

Defending Lebanon the great

Long live Lebanon

I'm gonna throw something out there.Let's see what people think. I was thinking about that bomb planted in Bekaa Valley that was "supposed" to kill a Sr. Hizabollah official. Now, will all these tech. advanced car bombs that have been going off not only in Lebanon, but around the region doesn't it seems coincidence that the bomb went off just as the guys were inside the house? Now, if I was hizbollah and I knew that this was going to happen today to Gebran Tueni, or even in on it. I would plant this bomb so later this week I could say "Hey, they tried to kill us to and missed. No way its Syria. It's probably the Israelis" Just something to think about. It's a strange coincidence. Another thing, I think this needs to be looked past Syria and to Iran. Everyone knows that there are Iranian agents in the South and that the president is totally nuts!
I think your theory could be right! How a remote control bomb could miss a person by seconds?
I wish that I am in Lebanon to be the first at Martyrs' (Freedom) Square to say loud and clear that we (Christian, Druze and Muslims) will protect our country! I hope that everyone able should go to the Martyrs' (Freedom) Square to show that we are one people ready to defend our country and we are against ANYONE who will cause any instability by killing our citizens!
Good point Gaby and Ghassan.
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