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Monday, December 12, 2005

Strugglers for "unity and freedom" killed Gebran!

A secular-minded, Arab nationalist/Syrian nationalist sounding "group" calling itself "The Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom in al-Sham" has claimed responsibility for Tueni's assassination. (Arabic text here)

"We have broken the pen of Gibran Tueni and gagged his mouth forever, turning An-Nahar into a dark night," it said. "He who contemplates attacking those who have sacrificed everything for the sake of Arabism and Lebanon will face the same fate as ... Tueni," it added said.

The group said Gebran Tueni was "spreading poisons and lies despite our repeated warnings to him."

It is funny how "unity and freedom" in alleged Syrian/Arab nationalist context translate into murder and gagging mouths!


For those who are in the Washington DC vicinity, let us gather in a candle light vigil to commemorate the loss of our martyr Gebran Tueni.

Place: in front of the Lebanese Embassy in DC
Time: 8:00PM this evening
Contact: Doha Melhem, doha underscore melhem at yahoo dot com (no space in between)
This olson guy is really getting on my nerves!
i got rid of him
Almost the same language and imagery used by the killers of Salim Laouzi in the 1970s.

Paraphrasing from an old "60 minutes" program on the subject:

"Cut your tongue" and "chop your hand" kind of thing to "teach you a lesson" because of course we "Baathists" hold the absolute truth and therefore the highest moral ground.

We are dealing with vicious ruthless demented beasts. And most people want to forget that, 2-3 days after every horror. HUGE FATAL MISTAKE
A new act of terror that is claimed by an unknown group. Syria makes me laugh.
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