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Monday, December 12, 2005

Mehlis 2: New witness "strengthens" evidence against Lebanese and Syrian officers

It looks like the UN commission wants to avoid another Husam stunt. Quotes courtesy of AFP:

UNIIC (The UN international independent investigation commission) has been approached by a number of witnesses with potentially critical information about the assassination ... Given that their information is still in the process of being evaluated and the need to protect their identities to ensure their safety, this report does not detail the information they have provided.

In late 0ctober 2005, the commission was approached by another new witness, who has submitted a comprehensive and coherent statement regarding plans to assassinate Mr. Hariri... The witness has been assessed to be credible and the information he has submitted to be reliable.

The statement from the witness strenghtens the evidence confirmed to date against the Lebanese officers in custody, as well as high-ranked Syrian officers.

It's all still a work in progress:
From 7 October to 10 December 2005, 52 witness statements, 69 investigators' notes and eight suspect statements were issued...A total of 37,000 pages of documents have been entered into the case file. Fourteen investigators from 10
different member states have been involved in the commission's investigative work, as well as a number of external experts.

To date, UNIIC has interviewed and obtained the statements of 19 suspects. Analysts are in the process of reviewing these statements, focusing on any significant issues or leads that can be identified, for the purpose of cross-checking those issues that can be identified. One of the specific areas of focus is information related to the planning of the assassination, including locations, dates, times and participants in meetings.

Kais, you can read the report here: http://www.tayyar.org/secondreport.pdf
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