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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Aoun is not playing ball

Aoun gave a press conference on Saturday in which he lashed out at the Lebanese government and held it responsible for the deteriorating security situation in the country.

We ask the government to respond to the words of the martyr because after his martyrdom, the government owes it to him. Indeed, the government is responsible but the culprit will not come out to the open and unveil his identity. Of course the finger is pointed mainly towards Syria and to other parties as well, although to a lesser extent. But in all cases, this is still the government’s responsibility.
I agree with Aoun that the government bears the ultimate responsibility for what has happened. The interior minister should have held daily briefings. Better security arrangements should have been taken to protect the lives of officials and citizens.

But Aoun decided to up the ante against the cabinet, which would have been fine had it not for the presumption that the country is like the Hariri-Jumblatt run dictatorship Hizbullah claims it is.
As for the other issue raised by the late MP Tueni, our national unity, I have noted the proliferation of a discourse that harms national unity more than anything else and that insults the real representatives of the people in an attempt to shift the incumbent responsibility towards other parties.
You would think Aoun was referring to Hizbullah, which has been holding the country hostage to their fallacies and shameful defense of a murderous regime. Aoun instead tries to prove he was right all along and puts the blame entirely on his political opponents.
Who asked for the government to set up a security plan? Who asked the minister of interior to give us a map of where we can circulate safely in the country? We are still awaiting the answers. MP Tueni himself stood in parliament and supported these demands.

Who blocked the discussions with Hizbullah, with the Palestinians and the Syrians, is it the FPM? Who initiated today the issue of the presidency, is it also the FPM?

Therefore, we reject the sensitive issues that move the battle from one camp to the other in order to conceal the responsibility of unveiling the crime and protecting the
What I don't understand, and cannot forgive Aoun for, is why continue to presume the country is under the complete control of the Hariri-Jumblatt alliance and the rest of the "March 14 parties" minus Aoun's FPM. From what I can see, they have had little sway on the course of events since they reached this alleged power. Aoun ignores Hizbullah's obstructionism as well the effects of the remnants of the security regime that demonstrably are still eating at the country's ability to protect and defend its citizens.

Aoun would have sounded like a real national leader had he not ignored the underlying causes of the government weakness in facing and dealing with the threats. In his speech, he goes as far as siding with Hizbullah on the issue of the tribunal, despite giving Siniora his approval the week before the cabinet decision was made.
We have to sit all together on a round table of talks and let each party open their cards so that we can come up with a clear plan of action in Lebanon to protect the Lebanese people. None of us would like to mourn every day and lose our friends and Lebanese citizens. But these issues cannot be solved in an arbitrary manner in such a way as creating an internal conflict concerning a topic that they have considered at the beginning as external.

The above is classic Aoun. The call for a "roundtable of talks" masks a familiar and desperate cry for inclusion and parrots Hizbullah's obstructionist line. For someone so concerned about security, it is unfathomable why he would refer to a decision to seek international assistance as an "external issue." In a perfect Lebanon, the security forces would have been able to do without international help. I am not a believer in outsourcing security, in fact, I think Siniora and his team should show the same public firmness regarding cleansing and rehabilitating the security forces that they reserve for efforts to bring Hariri's murderers to trial. On this, I could not agree more with Aoun. But given the current situation, I think we will need all the help we can get. Also, one cannot ignore the links between the Hariri killing and the other terrorists attacks. Our journalists are being targeted and so is anyone who dares speak against Syria. By killing Gebran Tueni, the message to anti-Syrian figures was the following: you are not welcome in your own country. We are in a state of war, and Aoun needs to wake up to that fact.

In short, Aoun's criticism does not appear to be aimed at bettering our defenses, for it ignores the nature of the threats and the devastation caused by the perseverance of anti-Lebanese politics by parties such as Hizbullah, which with Aoun, are providing a political cover for the killers.

Sadly, Aoun has not caught up to his declining popularity among Lebanese people, which apparently translated into anti-FPM chants by Tueni mourners during the Wednesday protests.

On the other hand, the FPM recognizes and implements social values in all occasions, so in funerals, we mourn the deceased, we weep, we present our condolences; we do not whistle and chant slogans that offend other mourners and participants.
Aoun blamed this on a "perversion in thought, media and behavior that prevailed this week has to come to an end and we are ready to face it" and then lapsed into his usual defensive talk:
No one can point the finger at us after the 15-year-struggle we led against the Syrian occupation, while the Syrian troops were on Lebanese soil. And while our activists were being beaten up, all the others were at the service of Syrian officers. And until the very last moment, no one dared even talk to us because we were far beyond the allowed “Syrian ceiling”.
In Aoun's opinion, the solution to this crack in national unity is for others "to control their masses, because national unity starts from the base, when the people live together. National unity is not achieved by triggering hatred at the level of the people and in this case 'nice talk' at the level of the leadership is nothing but lies and deceit.”

If winning national unity is achieved by playing with the base in mind, then, and as evidenced by this speech, Aoun is making his team lose by constantly throwing the ball back towards the pitcher.

While his comments about government action still resonate, that message has now been coopted. He's lost it. And with his attitude, he's beginning to lose standing in the Christian community.

His supporters taunted Tueni earlier on, but now because of Aoun's attitude, and Tueni's murder by Syria, the tables have turned. As usual, he overdoes it, and it blows up in his face.

Basically, and this is distressing to me, he's picked up the worst possible trait from Hizbullah: self-righteousness.

It will cost him.
Aoun is a joke and always been. He sometime sound interesting but his behavior since coming back to Lebanon shows that his self interest is above Lebanon.
To go and claim that the FPM is the #1 constituant for March 14 gathering shows his selfishness and idiocy.
The March 14 gathering belong to ALL Lebanese. It is a message from the Lebanese to Everyone. NO ONE PARTY OR TWO or THREE OR FOUR CAN CLAIM OWNERSHIP.
« Sadly, Aoun has not caught up to his declining popularity among Lebanese people, which apparently translated into anti-FPM chants by Tueni mourners during the Wednesday protests » [dixit Qayss]


You and your Fez-wearing neo-Nazi friend surely are experts in gauging the subtly Byzantine variations in the public’s approval on Aoun:
“Man, I heard a handful of Saudi-sponsored employees of the Al-Naharistani Bugle chant anti-FPM slogans the other day…hmm… got to update my charts…quick, call comrade Antonov for he’s an expert in post March 14 micro-analysis of moody/swing electoral patterns applied to voting intentions in north-east Kesrouann….” blah blah Zzzzzzzzz”

What a joke!

Anyhoo, if there’s a God for Wahhâbi stooges, I’m sure by now the souls of Gebran Tueyni and faux Sheikh Rafiq Al-Hariri have completed their transcendental journey and reached the collaborators’ paradise, high up there, in the Saturnal Saudi skies...

‘Aazrayin mâ yerhâmon!!

tw. Wahhâbi: a member of a fanatical Islamist sect founded in Arabia in the 18th century and revived by ibn-Saud in the 20th century

Collaborationism: the advocacy or practice of collaboration with the enemy

Do you like anyone in Lebanese politics? or in Lebanon?
Are they are stooges?
What do you think needs to be done to improve the situation? or solve the issue?

I would like to hear your take on this .
Victorino, you pathetic little worm, when you want to slander me with epithets like "neo-Nazi" have the courage to reveal your real identity.

Be sure that when you do, I'll take you to court. Piece of shit.
Aoun is losing support very quickly, and it's his fault.

Sympathies are on the rise for Jumblatt, Hariri, and the Qornet Shehwan. Geagea now appears as an able statesman, and Nassib Lahoud is publicly decrying Syria.

Aoun is isolating himself. Hezbollah will need to come closer to the center, but it is now apparent that it is not Aoun who will bring them there.

Aoun, Berri, and Nasrallah are beginning to be isolated by foreign sponsored actions. Ironic, eh?
‘ ...Aoun, Berri, and Nasrallah are beginning to be isolated by foreign sponsored actions. Ironic, eh?...’ et? eh ? hé ? hé-hé ??

L.P.’s sad syntax and Tony’s scare synapses are beginning to be disintegrated by homespun intellectual inactions...Ironic, eh?
Re: Aoun losing ground.

I can only look at myself, as an independent.

I was, and try to remain, favorable to Aoun. He now is irking me and losing me on two issue:

-Lahoud (got to go)

-His recent stance on the gvmnt and security (though I agree the gvmnt needs to take more charge and more responsibility, but Aoun is avoiding the cause)

I suspect I am not the only one annoyed and upset over these 2 issues.

PS. IMO, Getting closer to the time when Vic and his multiple personalities ought to be consistently given the "delete" treatment.
"We ask the government to respond to the words of the martyr because after his martyrdom, the government owes it to him. Indeed, the government is responsible but the culprit will not come out to the open and unveil his identity. Of course the finger is pointed mainly towards Syria and to other parties as well, although to a lesser extent. But in all cases, this is still the government’s responsibility. "

Of course the security environment is not goint to improve while Aoun protects Lahoud. May I remind Aoun that the government only controls one security agency, the ISF, because the president he's protecting is blocking the de-syrianization of the other agencies? Maybe Aoun will regret his stance about Lahoud when the parents of his son-in-law will be killed by some Syrian assassin.
sorry guys

i think that maybe aoun has another idea in mind

the first mistakes was to have a government with the hezbollah
who was allied to the hezbollah b4 and during the election , and who brought the hezbollah back into the equation ?

joumblatt screw up the 14 march spirit by that kind of policy

now about lahoud problem.
if lahoud resigns , the government is still inside the game with the hezbollah and will face huge problems, he ll be paralysed ... bcz of the hezbollah till the election of a new president.

b4 lahoud resign, we need to get ride of hezbollah inside the governement and of berry as a chief of government
they are representing that 5th syrian column.

then the turn of lahoud will come

however seems that joumblatt doesnt like that scenario as far as he cannot stand a strong executif that is not weakenned by divisions and that would marginalise his power of division and the future is afraid of having a problem with the shiites.

as long hezbollah is inside the governement and blocking its action this is the problem,
to say the truth i dont care about lahoud, he is a puppet he always is a puppet and to get a real impact to desyriannise lebanon we need to target the real source of power they still have
François, I wouldn't blame Jumblat for everything. The 14th March Christians also made a big mistake by keeping Lahoud. Jumblat can rightfully argue that they broke their part of the deal since the anti-Syria campaign largely began because of the Sunni-Druze opposition to Lahoud. There should have been a deal on this issue: Lahoud against the electoral law.

i m not blaming joumblatt for everything, i m blaming him for pushing somehow aoun to the mistakes since what happened in the Aley baabda election and his alliance with the hezbollah.

from that time everything was screwed up.

to switch to french, je pense qu il a tjrs ete une constance de la politique de joumblatt d etre contre tt leadership quel qu il soit, il a combattu l alliance pourtant logique sur le plan des programmes politiques du cpl future en s alliant avec le hezbollah et cela pour ne pas se laisser marginaliser, poussant ainsi aoun dans l opposition.

joumblatt est peut etre le politicien le plus intelligent du liban mais je doute du bien fondé de sa politique parce que reagissant non pas pour l interet du liban mais pour son interet de rester une sorte d eminence grise tirant les ficelles par derriere.

si on globalise un peu la vision des choses, les joumblatt ont combattu le maronistisme politique
est ce que joumblatt semble etre aussi concentré a ramener le hezbollah dans le jeu pour combattre aujourd hui le leadership sunnite au liban ? donc a long terme marginaliser ses propres allies du courant du futur?

on a besoin d un pole executil fort au liban vu les echeances regionales, qu il soit sunnite, chretien etc... pourvu qu il soit libanais, peut on se permettre de le marginaliser?

cela dit, aujourd hui il y a un probleme de priorité egalement:
oui a la demission de lahoud mais la demission de lahoud avec ce gouvernement bloqué par l action du hezbollah me semble etre une chose nocive, il faut donc temporiser, tt d abord avoir un gouvernement d action, sans ce blocus de cette 5eme colonne syrienne en son sein, ce qui implique pratiquement obligatoirement une alliance avec le cpl. donc il faut proceder a un remaniement gouvernemental avant de faire demissionner lahoud.
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