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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Looking for a man with an ordinary nose and mouth

Lebanon's General Security has released a sketch of a suspect in May Chidiac's assassination attempt.

The suspect is described as a "unknown person in his 30s, about 170 cm in height, moderate or average build, olive skin, black hair, short hair combed back, black or honey-colored eyes, ordinary nose and mouth, clean-shaven..."

Yeah, good luck finding him. There are probably thousands of Lebanese males who look like that. Especially those with "ordinary" noses and mouths.

Anyway, if you know this guy, and I'm sure most of you know at least ten who look like him, call the information department at 01/425277 or the "special criminal investigation division" at 01/293682 or the hotlines 1788/1722. Identities of callers are kept confidential.

They should have included the amoun of the reward
My God he looks like me! But I didn't do it!!
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