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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dubai court sentences Lebanese to jail for having sex!

Take a break from politics. Marvel at the Arab world's social advances.

This from the Dubai based Khaleej Times.

The Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a 19-year-old Lebanese national student Ittab .N, and 24-year-old Syrian national Mahir to one year in prison on the charge of adultery.

On August 14 this year, Ittab’s mother informed the police that her daughter had left home in Karama area in Ajman at 2.30am and did not return. The girl was arrested in Dubai the same day at 4pm and Mahir was summoned to the police station. The two accused were referred to the Ajman police for investigation on the charge of adultery, but the case was transferred to Dubai because the two accused had had sex in a hotel at Nakheel Diera.

The Dubai public prosecution arrested them under the charge of copulation with consent. A virginity test carried out showed the girl was having sex for over six months. During the interrogation, the two accused confessed to having sex several times in the hotel in Dubai. Mahir said Ittab was his sister's friend and their relationship dated back to eight months. He loved the girl and wanted to marry her but her family objected because he is a Muslim, while the girl was Druz. Ittab told the police that she ran away from home to go to the Awqaf department where she spent the entire night waiting for the office to open in the morning. She embraced Islam and later with Mahir checked into the hotel where she was arrested. Ittab admitted making a mistake by having sex with Mahir but she had wanted to use this to pressurise family members to let her marry her lover.

The court officials tried to convince the father to let his daughter marry her lover and to cancel the lawsuit no 2076/2005. But he refused and insisted that his daughter should be imprisoned rather than marry a Syrian national because of his personal anti-Syria stand. Besides, the boy was also not from the Druz community, he added. So, the two accused were referred to the court, which sentenced them on July 11 to one year in jail.

This is Dubai, where billions of dollars are spent on fancy structures and useless man-made islands, and where people (actually, only other Muslims) get arrested for engaging in "copulation with consent."

You know, Geena Davis a few days ago became the first female American president... on television. Her first act as "president of the free world" was to liberate a Nigerian woman jailed for having sex. I am going to send an e-mail to the show to ask for the liberation of this poor couple.

I've been to Dubai. My impression was that it looked like a Martian colony.


they did try to convince the father to get the couple married! He of course is chauvenist pig who would rather see his daughter in prison than whitness her convert to a Sunni (and don't forget, marry against his will). The fact that the boyfriend is Syrian has nothing to do with it.

I would kill that man if I had the chance to. He just ruined his daughter's life!

But what can I say... I'm Druze. I can almost see what happened there. If the father let his daughter do what she wanted, he would have been put to shame in his village and his name would be disgraced in his family.

But if he really loved his daughter he would have let her marry, and then taken the shit that hit him - for her.

In an academic setting, you would consider this situation to be a clash between modernity and traditionalism - individualism vs. collectivism. In the real world, I consider the father to be a chauvenist coward who buckled under the pressure of society rather than stand up for his own daughter.
It amazes me - all you have to do is walk into clubs like Cyclone etc. to see that, well, how should I put it ... that the blatant hypocricy is hilarious.

"Copulation with consent". You have to give it to them. It's an original phrase.
My wife has just informed me that a "virginity test" is a "load of shit". You cannot determine if a girl was a virgin, since anything can break her hymen, including riding a bike, using a tampon or anything that puts pressure down there (she could have been masturbating for all they know). That's why some women don't bleed when they have sex for the first time. That's just a crock of shit, according to my beloved American wife. :)

They can only test for the presence of sperm, which only lives for 5 days.

Bottom line: there is no way they could tell she has been having sex for six months. Whoever did this test made it all up or the paper reported it wrong and stupidly named it a virginity test.

Backward morons.

"The Dubai public prosecution arrested them under the charge of copulation with consent."
Without consent of their parents??? I'll ask my mummy next time.

"A virginity test carried out showed the girl was having sex for over six months"
WTF is that???????????? How many times? Can they check for oral sex?

"So, the two accused were referred to the court, which sentenced them on July 11 to one year in jail."
So he'll still have sex for a whole year! Lucky guy!

"her family objected because he is a Muslim, while the girl was Druz"
Any comment of Walid Jumblat about this?
when a girl masturbates, she remains a virgin. Finger remains outside, except in some movies, but I don't want to go into that here. :)
She definitely stays a virgin until the man actually penetrates. But this so-called "virginity test" (I am assuming this was just a normal gynacological exam) that they mentioned would HARDLY tell them anything about her sexual "activity"--be it masturbation, sex, tampon usage, anything that went inside, etc. These regular exams do not tell anyone about the girl's virginity. The only thing that could prove she had had penetrative sex (meaning with the Syrian guy's actual penis) is if they used a highly specialized kit, like a rape victim's kit, a DNA kit, or anything "CSI"-like. I highly doubt any doctor in Dubai would have such a specialized test--nor would they bother. It still just absolutely amazes me that they not only used the term "virginity test" or that there are actually doctors who believe that this test exists. Such bullshit and now the poor girl is rotting in prison. I hope her father rots.

-Kais' Enraged Wife
Wrong Mr Kais (or Miss Kaiss?)

Riding or using a tampon do not damage the hymen the way a penetration does.

And anyway, if she loses her hymen, she's not a virgin in the Arab world. If you have oral sex (or other) , you're still a virgin. If you ride a bicycle and don't have sex, well, you may not be a virgin anymore. This is our conception of virginity.
I highly doubt that the doctors in Dubai doesn't have the necessary tools . After all, it's a rich society that is obsessed with virginity.
The funniest part is that the father refused to marry his daughter to a SYRIAN:-) another 14th March child;-)
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I would just say that even the are wrong, but been a human they count feelings on nationlity is a crime........ I don't think a law should give more hold to the parent of there childreen after 20 years........... Even thus she want to come in islam, and if we see from this side of mirror.....her relationship with her parents.......... where broken ........... cos she already come in islam when she read out the verses of Quran from her heart........... in that she doesnt even need Awqaf .............. to declare her a Muslim............
Even they test her variginty.......... i would like to say that......... hymen would not be present in some women from the birth itself.......... or she might loss it in streght or sport or even from tompons.......... so this way of thinking is quite wrong........ And truly say till know there is now such trick to justify that she is involved in sex or not .......... Because as before they used to check the bedsheet for the blood spot & and most of them where wrong examin ...... because this is a memmbrance which is more thin that a tissuse paper....... Think that we strech tissuse paper........ its broken ...... Even thus we didnt try to pass any think......... so compare and see that did the report would be appsolutly true.......... so wht going be next step............ And why they check only the girl; why not guy .........isn't it out of a human right's .............
human rights ??? hahaha welcome to the arab world. no human rights, no equality based on where you're from, it's a lotta crap!
moral values to maintain abstinence before marriage? i'd understand but a year in jail is shitty but i also heard of worse. whoever said her father's an ass, chauvinist whatever... and what about the mom who actually called the pigs on her own daughter?

a sickened canadian
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