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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rizk: Lebanese police is primitive

Millions (hundreds?) of dollars were spent during the Lahoud era on the security services in Lebanon. Last night the Lebanese people were told by one of Lahoud's allies, Justice Minister Charles Rizk that:
"Unfortunately the investigation techniques and [methods of] fighting crime in Lebanon are still primitive," Rizk said. "Terrorism has reached a high level of advanced technology, and that is why it is impossible for the Lebanese judiciary and investigating techniques to proceed as they did before the UN probe."

In other words, we will never find out who killed Kassir and Hawi, who planted those midnight bombs, or who tried to kill Hamade and Chidiak.

Thanks a lot, ma3ali al wazir. Thank you for assuring us that without international probes, Lebanese people are doomed to live in a lawless jungle. We are to conclude from what you said that all the funds allocated for defense, army and security over the past 7 or so years were used to terrorize and kill Lebanese people, not defend them and protect them from crime. Of course this is not news to us. It just sucks to hear it at a time our president still will not take responsibility for running a country for the benefit of another.

Please join me in a collective TFOOOO.

Kais, I have to give it to you - your commentary is quite good. Keep it up.

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