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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Truth is OUT?

According to Future TV’s al- Tahkeek Min Ajel Lubnan (Investigation for Lebanon):

Former general security chief Jamil al-Sayed, ex-military intelligence boss Raymond Azar and former internal security head Ali al-Hajj and presidential guard commander Mustafa Hamdan held meetings prior to the assassination to plan and coordinate the blast that killed Hariri. Together they picked the site of the crime.

Former MP Nassir Qandil also reportedly had sent a memo to the Syrian leadership recommending the “liquidation” of Hariri on grounds he could "win the elections."

Mehlis, the head of the UN team, finished the interrogation of the five suspects. The file is now in the hands of the Lebanese judiciary. The German prosecutor recommended they be charged and arrested for planning and executing the murder of prime minister Rafik Hariri and 20 others.

Syrian officials, meanwhile, continue to refuse face-to-face to interviews. The UN security council is meeting tonight to discuss the issue.

More soon.

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