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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Post 1967 Israel and the writing of history

Tom Segev in Ha'aretz on the Gaza withdrawal:

Nobody described the evacuation as an opportunity, with hope. By not doing so, the broadcasts missed the real drama, namely that Israeli society is now attempting to rescue itself from the historic mistake it made almost 40 years ago, and is trying to find the way back to a different Zionist tradition.

This is a fascinating story about a kulturkampf that did not begin in 1967, but gradually intensified after the Six-Day War. Central to it is the question of what true Zionism is, and what price Zionism is willing to pay for the fulfillment of its dream...

Whoever writes the history of the four decades since the Six-Day War is liable to describe an era of delusion and fantasy, arrogance and oppression, in the spirit of nationalist-religious, messianic and racist Zionism, which is reflected in the settlements.

So who do you think will write that history? And will it be written that way?

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