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Friday, August 12, 2005

Our lord the flag

I am finally in an office with a window. It didn't matter that the view consists mostly of a busy highway, I desperately needed natural light. After 8 months of working in a windowless office, I deserved this promotion!

Also in my view, a fluttering US flag. Big enough to lord over the strip of grass and trees that it governs with an imposing and intimidating pride that only an Arab immigrant like me can see and feel. I still remember the day my wife dropped me off to interview here. The building, with its flag and somewhat isolated location intimidated me more than the interview itself. There was another US flag hanging on the wall of the reception area that greeted me as I asked for my interviewer. All I could feel at the time was guilt. I had done nothing wrong... but I still felt guilty. I missed home, and I dreaded being there.

Fast forward 8 months. I don't notice the small flag at reception anymore. In fact, I can't tell you without walking out of my room if the flag is still there greeting visitors. But our "lord the flag" is now in my field of vision all the time, waving, resting, then waving again.

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