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Friday, August 19, 2005

The New York Times, Gaza withdrawal and the UN partition plan

What is it with the New York Times and accuracy? An editorial on 18 August gave a "historical reality check" on the Gaza withdrawal. According to the Times, Gaza

was never part of the Zionist state intended by the United Nations partition plan that led to the establishment of Israel in 1948. At that point, five Arab nations immediately attacked the new nation, but Gaza wasn't even part of the territory Israel got in signing truces in 1949. It became the home of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fleeing Israel, and Israel's armistice with Egypt in 1949 put it under Egyptian rule.

A more accurate statement would point out the fact that the partition plan which many inside the beltway mistakingly believe led to the establishment of Israel not only did not include Gaza and the West Bank, it also did not inlcude many parts of what is now Israel. And before somebody points out that Palestinians and Arabs rejected the plan and attacked, ummm,... then non existent Israel, Jewish leaders like Ben Gurion rejected the plan too because they wanted the whole of mandate Palestine (and Eretz Israel). I should also mention the many massacres that zionist gangs and militias like the irgun and the stern committed AFTER THE PARTITION PLAN and BEFORE THE WAR in order to drive people out of their villages.

Here is the partition plan. Note how it gives 498,000 Jews 56.47% of mandate Palestine and 807,000 Arabs 43.53%.

It is the New York Times that needs a historical reality check!

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