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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Amr Moussa and al-Qaeda's Syrian rockets

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa has reportedly suspended his "mediation efforts" between Lebanon and Syria, after accusations that he was seeking Lebanese forgiveness for Hariri's murder in exchange for an end to Syria's assassination campaign in the country.

We will have to wait some time, because our efforts have been thwarted by false accusations of a deal (with Syria) to close the dossier of enquiry," into Hariri's killing, he told the An-Nahar newspaper.... Moussa described as “completely unfounded” accusations in Lebanon that the pan-Arab body was working on an initiative whereby the probe into the February murder would be closed in exchange for an end to assassinations that have been blamed by many on Syria.
Deal or no deal, the fact that Moussa is engaged in "mediation efforts" between Syria and Lebanon speaks volumes of his intentions. What exactly is he mediating? Syria has been waging a war against Lebanon since October 2004. Lebanon is not bombing Syria, nor has Lebanon been implicated in three UN reports. I don't see a dispute between two equal parties here. I see one member nation of the Arab League conducting a terrorist war on another helpless member. Moussa has recently accused "evil hands" of trying to create a rift between the two countries. Whether or not Amr Moussa is actually pushing a deal, his flagrant denial of reality constitutes by itself an attempt to sweep the truth under the vast Arab rug of incompetence.

For only in this Arab world, where crimes and embarrassing happenings are usually blamed on vengeful gods, evil ghosts, and Israel, can three Syrian rockets find able terrorist hands to fire them into Israel, further dragging defenseless Lebanon into unwanted confrontations with the scapegoat of Arab problems. (Side note: Al-Qaeda in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the attack on Northern Israel.)

Only in Lebanon, backstabbed and stepped on by more proud Arabs than arrogant colonialists, can a religious militant group like Hizbullah arrogantly say it is investigating this appalling breach of sovereignty, leaving an embattled cabinet with little more than a condemnation.

Only in Amr's Lebanon is it permissible for armed Arab visitors to parade their weapons to the press—weapons obtained from Arab League member nations—and blame their eternal enemy for woes their own actions inflicted on their host.

And only in Amr's world of failed causes, are terrorists from al-Qaeda, whose bloody actions in Iraq never cause an Arab leaguer eye to blink, allowed to grow and be nurtured by the midwife of terrorism: Syria.

Amr must be happy that in his league, one member country takes upon itself to assign another member nation's war matters to foreign thugs, religious militant organizations run by non-Arab oppressive dictatorships, and other militants from Bin Laden's and Zarqawi's blood-soaked fundamentalist hell.

When Amr sips tea in the afternoon, he must contemplate the beauty of Syrian foreign policy: donate weapons to your neighbor's anti-government factions, kill their journalists and any politician who dares speak against Syria, and continue to claim innocence and play victim of international plots.

Amr must be proud that Syria's efforts to arm and train al-Qaeda terrorists in Lebanon are finally paying off.

Amr must also find it amusing that a Syrian proxy-group wants to assassinate the new head of the Hariri investigation, Serge Brammertz, who once defended the rights of the Sabra and Shatila victims, who were relegated to oblivion by Amr's failed league.

Amr must have missed the latest Syrian charade, which saw the rebirth of the "cooperation protocol": a delay tactic that did not work with Mehlis, but that the Syrian regime will use with his successor anyway.

The Syrian calculations were, after all, reliant on regional delusion and incompetence, embodied by Amr's money-wasting pan-Arab body. Will Amr mediate between the UN and Syria? Of course not, for he can only operate under the false assumption that no Arab country is ever at fault. And with delusional mandates like this, it is no wonder that Amr's League saw logic in spinning off another useless body: an Arab parliament with a mandate to "discuss issues related to the strengthening of common Arab action and offer recommendations for that purpose."

Common Arab action. Sure, Amr. Whatever.

Kais, I do not mean to cause you any embarassment but I feel compelled to let you know that the above was a superb piece of analysis and reporting. Actually, it is the best that I have ever read on the Lebanese blogsphere.

I am so glad that you have highlighted the inequity inflicted upon Lebanon, consciously or subconsciously, whenever a third party asks to mediate between Lebanon and Syria. It is so important to frame the issue correctly, as you have done. Lebanon makes only one demand of Syria, the Demand that Lebanon makes of all other nations. Respect Lebanese sovereignty and keep your hands out of Lebanese internal affairs at all levels. Lebanon makes no other claims and thus is NOT in a position to compromise on the question of its rights ,freedom and sovereignty. These are principles that are non-negotiable, All what is required of the Syrian regime is to accept the inherent rights of ALL peace loving nations , and that includes its neighbour Lebanon, to conduct their internal affairs and set their own policies. Syria is not being asked to give up anything except its efforts to meddle and undermine the stability of its neighbour.
Lebanon cannot by definition be a part to this "mediation" because it has not placed any demands on the other party. There is NOTHING that Lebanon can give without injuring itself. Syria on the other hand, is in a position to resolve this apparent controversy by accepting the results of the international inquiry, whatever they turn out to be,and by recognizing its neighbours rights. Anysolution short of the above is injurious to Lebanon and is in effect a betrayal of the concept of selfdetrmination and independence not to mention exploitation and imperial hubris.
The Arab League is accessory to murder in Darfur, Lebanon, Saddam's Iraq, and recently in Egypt's elections, etc

Lebanon (and any sane person) should WITHDRAW from the league, maybe then Amr-the-shit will come asking what we need. (I blogged on the creep not too long ago, see "Fun with Amr Mussa")

Syria's been waging war on Lebanon since before 1975 Kais.
Good post , Kais.

I would add that Amr Musa could not undertake this initiative on his own.

It is coupled with manoevres on several fronts to bring Syria in from the cold. Internally , with HA opposed to an internationalization of the inquiry and pressuring Sinoria on UNSC1559. Externally, meetings by Bandar, Bashar and Mubarak are well publicized and frequent.

Israel has not been inactive. James Petras recently wrote in http://www.counterpunch.org/petras12242005.html
"Further stark differences occurred during the semi-annual strategic dialog between Israeli and US security officials, in which the Israelis opposed a US push for regime change in Syria, fearing a possible, more radical Islamic regime.".

The US ,despite its protestations to the contrary , has been softening its demands and rhetoric on Syria. This dinosaur of a regime is on life support

We should not depend on Musa or any of these countries because they have a history of exploiting our suffering.

Lebanon's government urgently needs to get its house in order. Let's send our troops to the damn border. Even a symbolic brigade will do. They could jointly patrol with the UN if necessary. Who would oppose?

Excellent post Kais. Common arab action is as illusional, or like you said, as delusional as the Arab League itself.
It's just brilliant Kais.

Mussa's problem, in Iraq and Lebanon, is that he is not used to have a free press in Arab countries. If he wants to act like he does, he should expect sharp criticisms from now on. And JW is right, we should withdraw from the Arab league which is nothing more than a useless & expensive dictator's club. Lebanon does not fill the requirements anymore.
Fantastic post!

I wish I had been able to check websites and blog while I was on vacation after reading what you wrote (even though I was very happy to get away from my computer).
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