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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

But Miqdad explained!

Syria's offficial news agency, August 28. (SANA- the first A stands for Arab):

The current Security Council fuss on cooperation with the International
Investigation Committee is meant to show Syria as hindering the work of the
committee while some leaked information from close sources to the international
investigator Mihlis said that Israel and Jordan were very cooperative with
Mihlis demands in addition to a large number of Lebanese witnesses.

Meantime, US Representative to the U.N. John Bolton did not hesitate to name
Syria as the one which didn’t respond promptly and efficiently to Bolton’s
demands describing Syria’s position as unacceptable.

But Miqdad explained to the UN Security Council that, “it is in Syria’s interest to have all the facts regarding Hariri’s assassination surfaced, and Syria is ready to cooperate with the international investigators until all the facts are clear.”
SIGH... Need I comment?

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