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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Al Jazeera Polls

One wonders why the dinosaurs who run al-Jazeera are miffed over the work of the UN commission investigating the Hariri murder. A poll on its website claims that 82 per cent of 30,000 "persons" (should be clicks) doubt the integrity of "international investigation comissions."

The website puts the poll in the context of the ongoing investigation by a UN commission into the Hariri murder (though it didn't specify) AND, get this, the "track record of such missions in monitoring the situation in Darfur." (the poll did not ask people to make that connection, it's only the editor's mind that did).

Al-Jazeera's website editor felt confident to further insult our intelligence and pander to conspiracy theorists by reminding us of another poll conducted in June (are we to assume the same sample of people participated?) in which 88.4 per cent of participants believed these commissions served the interests of super powers.


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