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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

From carrier pigeon to Boeing-747

Citing diplomatic sources, Al-Arabiya is reporting that Bashar Assad is studying a bunch of “ideas” that emerged after meetings he had in Egypt and Saudi. One of which involves a written response to questions from the UNIIIC.
One of the proposals is for Assad to send an emissary to receive questions from the UNIIIC and then return the answers at a later time.
Al-Arabiya did not specify whether the emissary would be an Egyptian carrier pigeon or a Saudi Boeing-747 jet fitted with a jacuzzi.

The cited diplomatic sources denied that Egypt and Saudi Arabia had agreed to the idea of questioning Bashar, adding that “no Arab country would agree to such a violation.”

Right. Let’s leave it to the able legal minds in the regimes of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to resolve this “crisis” between Syria and Lebanon. Yes, the Syrian terror campaign is now a crisis between the killers and the victims. Read on.

Another Saudi “initiative” that the Saudi foreign minister took to the Elysee proposes the formation of a joint Lebanese–Syrian security committee with the task to issue early security warnings and take the necessary precautions to pre-empt attacks in Lebanon. Yes, give Lebanese security back to the Syrians.

And then more on an Egyptian initiative:
The diplomatic source added that the Egyptian role is trying to find a formula to save the Syrian regime’s face so that it doesn’t look like an interrogation by the [Hariri] investigation committee. The Egyptian contacts with France are focusing on the consequences of interrogating an Arab president, and what that can cause in resentment on the Arab street, setting a dangerous precedent that could lead to terrorist attacks, according to the Egyptian vision…
So this “Arab street” (you know, the one that runs from democratic Damascus to open Cairo via liberal Riyadh, skipping oppressive Beirut, New Baghdad, and a bunch of other inconsequential capitals) would turn terrorist if the prince of thugs was interrogated for killing another Arab leader. Yes, death and terror will ensue if justice ever prevailed on this cursed Arab street, thinks Mubarak.

I wonder if we can still file this under classic Arab politics? Classic as in classically useless and stupid perhaps? Next time I ascribe intelligence to an Arab regime, shoot me.

Update. Meanwhile, BBC reports that "several influential Arab media outlets have been instructed [by Saudi Arabia] not to carry more statements by former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam, who has called for the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad."

We don't want to disturb Bashar during this time of crisis now do we. He needs the focus to ace the UNIIIC exam on Hariri's assassination:

1 question.
Duration: A couple of years
Instructions: Circle an answer, return in sealed envelope via carrier pigeon or Saudi 747 jet. DO NOT attach to car bombs.

Who killed Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri?
a. I did it, may God forgive him he pissed me off
b. It's God will, and only He knows
c. The devil
d. Israel

It was bound to happen.

You forgot another choice, which is the one he would probably circle: "Israel"
Its time that some influential person states clearly that the emperor has no cloths.Why the charade and the pretense ?

An investigation and a justice system are supposed to accomlish one thing. Investigate the accused and convict those that have committed the crime. This simple universal formula is to apply all over the world except in the Arab world. We must do whatever it takes to protect the guilty and provide a mechanism whereby they can thumb their noses at whatever is honourable and decent. Victims have no right. The primary suspect belongs afterall to an exclusive club of illegitimate, corrupt and tyrannical state leaders. The only other such club in the world is that of the stan dictatorships of central asia. Whatever happened to the principle that no one is above the law? Forgive me for my naievite, I have forgotten thatthe law does not apply to dictators because the law is what they say that it is.Laws apply only to such mortals as presidents of the US, German Chancellors or French presidents. Arab rulers are exempt from such inconveniences since their sranglehold on their people is absolute and providencial.

Such an investigation would have been completed and the culprits found months ago had it not been for the Syrian intransigence aided and abeted by Arab,primarily Saudi and Egyptian, obfuscatory efforts.
To say that Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are driven by their love for justice and Arab honour is just as pathetic as the daily barrages that eminate from said capitals extolling the virtues of democracy!!!! I have concluded, sadly, that somehow an illogical gene has managed to infiltrate the bodypolitic of the Middle East and that this gene needs to be exorcised.If it is not this malignant gene will grow and gnaw at whatever passes for bodypolitic in the Arab world until the whole region rejoins feudalism and the stone age.
Rule of law. That's what's missing.

I actually had Israel in the answer but it didn't get copied. How shameful of me. It's back, this will make the test easier! Thanks Lazarus!
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