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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ghazali: Let Hariri be the laughing stock

From the Mehlis report. This is how Syria ruled Lebanon and turned Lebanese people against Rafik Hariri. Some bloggers are speculating that Mr X might be Nabih Berri.

The structure and organization of the Syrian and Lebanese intelligence services in Lebanon at the time of the blast, including protocols for reporting, shows a pervasive impact on everyday life in Lebanon.

Good examples of this are documents collected from the former Syrian Intelligence post, Villa Jabr, at Bologna Forest, Lebanon and an intercepted telephone conversation between Brigadier General Rustum GhazaliGeneral Ghazali and a prominent Lebanese official on 19 July 2004, at 0945 hrs

“Ghazali:I know it is early but I thought we should keep up you posted. The President of the Republic told me this morning that they are two to rule the country the Prime Minister and him. He said that things cannot continue this way. The Prime Minister is always irritating him and we are always shutting him up and yelling at him. He made it clear he cannot continue this way.
X: Take it easy on me. Can you appoint a new Government at this time?

Ghazali: Yes we can appoint one. What could be the problem? We can name Botros Harb.
Ghazali: Let me tell you one thing. Let the worker’s movement take the street on the 20th in Solidere and Koraytem.

X: Let’s speak it over. Take it easily. I have to take into consideration the best interests of Syrian and Lebanon.

Ghazali: We are keen on Syria’s best interest but I am now talking about Rafik

X: So, the decision is taken.

Ghazali: I wish to tell you one thing. Whenever we need to speak to Hariri we have to suck up to him and he does not always answer.

X: To hell with him. What do I care about him?

Ghazali: What do I care about him? The President can’t stand him so why should I?

X: Fine, may he rot in hell …
Ghazali: No. Let him be the laughing stock and be pointed at as the person who ruined and indebted the country. Let the people take the street in Koraytem and Solidere; let the manifestations continue until he is forced to resign like a dog.

X: What about another option. I send him a message saying: Resign God damn it.

Ghazali: No, don’t send him a message or else he will say they forced me to resign. Let the street … you know what I mean. Or else he will use this as a bargaining card with his American and French masters.

X: So shall we leave things to the street?

Ghazali: This is better.

X: Let’s go for it.

a journalist at Al Arabiyya just said he also thinks it is Berri
That will be awkward (as will Nasrallah's French kissing of Ghazale!) if true. I'm also interested in the Jibreel factor, and what that will mean vis a vis the weapons.
Speaking of which, here's an interesting statement (and interesting timing). Nasrallah: we might consider disarming if Israel releases the Lebanese prisoners and withdraws from Shebaa. But we're against disarming the Palestinians.
Ghazali: "we are always shutting him up and yelling at him"

This line says it all and sums up the whole 60 pages.
More on the Nasrallah statement. Interesting to see how the chips will fall. He is still threatening. Very nervous.
Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!
I hope that it's not Berri. Do you have any info on this? It may lead to Shia-Sunni clashes. I heard that M. X is Kandil.
The buzz is it's Berri.
I think that people should stop speculating as to who it is...It really does not matter anyway....Every politician in lebanon has had to play the Syrian game...let those not directly implicated have a chance to work for lebanon without the same threats that Harri had to endure...measure them after these next 4 years
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