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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Egypt's rug politics

With the Palestinian problem going on 60, and Iraq becoming a "problem", Syria and Lebanon "should not be allowed" to become another hotspot in the region. The region needs "stability, development and peace ... stability and peace will naturally lead to a change in the relationship of the Islamic Arabic world with the West."

That was Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit speaking in Moscow.

Aboul Gheit denied that his country was mediating between Damascus and Washington. Instead, he said, Egypt was offering analysis and advice to prevent new tensions in the Middle East.


We have to sweep our problems under the rug and wait for the resolution of the Arab Israeli conflict and the Iraqi "problem"? Perhaps we should invite Assef Shawkat back into Lebanon to stabilize us, develop us and teach us peace. His holy guidance then will lead us into an era of love and peace that would "naturally" change the relationship between the "Islamic Arabic world" and the "West."

Lebanon's problems are not due to a clash between the west and the "Islamic Arabic World." Forget Israel for a second. They are, in large part, the result of clashes within the Islamic Arabic world. What a typical response from the prime minister of a regime that faked an election and is about to fake another. Pile your trash under the rugs of your house and focus on shining your windows. That's real progress. That's stability for you! (regime stability)

Wednesday, Saad Hariri had to listen to two hours of advice and wisdom from father figure Hosni Mubarak. That didn't stop Saad from declaring, following a meeting with Amr Moussa, that he is intent on pursing his demand for an international trial. I bet you Hosni's fatherly advice went something like this:

If Libya had bombed my brains out, I would want Gamal to forgive them and sweep my body under the big Persian rug that's under your feet. If you look carefully, Sadat is buried there, and so is the Palestinian cause. Soon Ayman Nour will join them. Don't get me wrong. Rugs are great. I get under them sometimes when Gamal doesn't shut up. In life, my dear son, there are many rugs. And people in our region love them. They aspire to own them, and they keep them for tens of years and form attachments to them. Bashar is being a brat, I know. I will send him Gamal to teach him the art of rug politics. God bless his soul, your father, my friend, got tired and bought a vacuum cleaner. What for? Look at me son, stop ogling the rug. Forget about an international trial. I will loan you a rug, if you like. Go, Isis—God, be with you.

I understand your point - but this also happened with the March 14 "reconciliation project", and in fact, all of Lebanon was swept under the rug, while waiting for the truth. Without generalizing too much, this happens in the "more developped" countries - but that is accepted because at least their citizens get something ... which isn't exactly the case in the Middle East.
Lebanese politicans are top sweepers. You are right. They are not that different. If it weren't for Hariri's international weight, and US interest in seeing Syria suffer, I doubt the Lebanese would have been given Mehlis to investigate the murder of their prime minister.

I have said this before. If I were a Lebanese politician, I'd be watching Mehlis and taking notes. It's the method more than the content that's important.
"The region needs "stability, development and peace "

The Egyptian regime had countless decades of 'stability', we can see their achievements. Some people confuse stability and immobilism.
"Wednesday, Saad Hariri had to listen to two hours of advice and wisdom from father figure Hosni Mubarak. "

Poor guy. When will Moubarak stop torturing people?
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