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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Guardians of the Cedar are back and want to kill Palestinians

A Lebanese prosecutor on Wednesday ordered the arrests of three Guardians of the Cedar members for reportedly issuing calls to expel/kill Palestinian refugees and withdraw Lebanon from the Arab League. Habib Younes, Naji Awdeh and Joseph Khoury held a press conference Tuesday in Kaslik and handed out CDs containing their party’s ideology and principles. According the As-Safir and the National News Agency (NNA), the CD carried messages declaring it a duty for every Lebanese to kill a Palestinian.

“Lebanon is not part of the Arab world and we don’t belong to Arabism,” the NNA quoted one of the members as saying. He reportedly also preached against having ties with “Arabs” on grounds they aren’t the kinds of people Lebanon should be having relations with.

PM Siniora on Wednesday condemned these statements by a “group that still lives in the illusions of the past despite all what Lebanon has been through.” He said Lebanese people reject these “terrorist” calls, adding that Palestinian refugees will remain under the protection of the Lebanese government and the Lebanese people until their "dignified return to their country."

Siniora’s own delusion about the right of return apart, the resurgence of the Guardians of the Cedar is a bit unsettling.

For those who are too young to remember them, the Guardians of the Cedar are an ultra-nationalist, anti-Arab, anti-Islam, anti-Palestinian Lebanese Christian party. Formed in 1969 by Etienne Sakr (Abu Arz) following the Cairo agreement that allowed the PLO to launch attacks against Israel from Lebanese soil, it took upon itself the task of liberating Lebanon from Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Arabs and all their associates (at the time, that meant the rest of Lebanon). Some of their accomplishments in that regard included participating in massacres at Tal el-Zaatar, Jisr el-Basha, Nabaa and Karantina. They became part of the Lebanese Forces in 1976 when Bashir Gemayel brought all Christian militias under his command. Some of their members are believed to have taken part in the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982.

Abu Arz summed up his party’s ideology (developed in part by Lebanese poet Said Akl) and mission in an interview with the Jerusalem Post during the Israeli invasion on 23 July 1982:

The Lebanese are not Arabs. In fact God, in His Wisdom, gave us the eastern mountain range to separate us from the Arabs… What the situation calls for is a strong leader to replace the old rotten politicians like Pierre Gemayel, Suleiman Franjiyeh and Camille Chamoun, corrupted by Ottomanic self seeking Levantinism… We don’t care about the PLO, it is the Palestinians we have to deal with. Ten years ago there were 84,000; now there are between 600,000 and 700,000. In Six years they will be 2 million. We can’t let it come to that. [the solution is] very simple, monsieur. We shall drive them to the borders of ‘brotherly’ Syria and tell them to keep walking. Anyone who looks back, stops or returns will be shot on the spot.

After the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, Sakr held a press conference in Jerusalem and took responsibility for carrying out the massacre with the Israelis: "No one has the right to criticize us; we carried out our duty, our sacred responsibility."

Sakr, who I think is currently hiding in Israel, was sentenced to death by a Lebanese court for treason and dealing with enemy. There's a lot about their ideology on their many web sites that I won't bother repeating here, including a "Lebanese alphabet" developed by Akl. I personally find their "ideology" laughable, illogical and scientifically obsolete.

They should start with Etienne Sakr who was born a Palestinian in Nazareth, a fact he tries to hide from everyone.

Maybe that explains their extremism.
funny comment indeed
are u blaming palestineans too.
lebanese are the best in putting blames on everybody else except themself .

I agree with your jusgment on this idiots.

But can you please extend your enlighntning wisdom to Amal, or the PSP for example?... Hey both were involved in massacres: Palestinians and Lebanese christians respectively.

I know that with your hypocritically hidden sectarianism you will differentiate those rascals from the former.

But hey, their arabist delusive ranting is as "laughable, illogical and scientifically obsolete" as the phoenicianist shit.

Speaking of shit, try to avoid the many many shitty factual errors in your post (cedar guardians for example never joined LF because they were not "ultra" enough!?)

The post was about that particular group. I don't think I need to add a disclaimer about my lack of appreciation of other groups such as Amal, the PSP or the PLO (if it makes you happy, I am not a big fan of those parties, to say the least).

I'm not sure what you meant, but they were part of the LF for a long time, at least until Bashir's death. They do stand out in that they have a nazi-like mentality that most other groups, Christian and Muslim, can't match (at least not openly) despite also being responsible for horrific massacres.

I won't respond to the "Arabism" bit, since I don't think you can lump all the Muslim groups under that vague term just because they define themselves as Arabs (which does not translate into calling for an Arab umma or advocating genocide).
Hate to break the bubble here, but Sakr was born in Ayn Ebel, south Lebanon, not Nazareth. Secondly, even if he were born in Nazareth or anywhere else in Palestine, many Palestinian Christians have Lebanese roots, especially originating in Zahle.
Anyone interested in Sakr's life or the formation of the Guardians of the Cedars Party should read Mordechai Nisan's book, "The Conscience of Lebanon." It is biased towards Sakr, but it is the only book written in English about the ideology of the group and its founder.
I guess where he was born doesn't matter as much as what he is preaching. I've read the Nisan book. As you said, it's biased.
Sakr was born in Nazerath and his sister-in-law who is the president of the Aust (American University for Science and Tech.)in Beirut is also Palestinian.

This is unimportant but it may explain their extremism as some historians claim that Hitler had some Jewish blood through his grandfather.
So what if he was born in Nazareth? If he's born from Lebanese parents he's Lebanese.

Apart of that I agree with you, the CG have an obsolete and rather pathetic ideology.
Does anybody know if the arrested Joseph Khoury is Joseph "B" Khoury (1975) Bentael - this guy is some kind of internet propagandist: 2la.org, http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2003/12/282453.html?c=on#c82785

And he's involved the Saddam's weapons to Syria propaganda scam, lived in the USA, and is (in)directly linked to Guardians of the Cedars/USCFL/Neo-cons
The GOC is true nationalist party, and is the only banned political party in Lebanon, because of their anti foregin, secular stance, that preaches, a non religous political doctrine that says the Lebanese must unite muslims and christians alike, to from a strong national army with no foreign interferance! Even Fatah and al Queda have offices in Liban! Umm, interesting why the GOC is banned!(Most probably becasue they advocate peace with Isreal and pulling out of the Arab league! They do say the Palestinians are poison, and should carry there fight against Isreal from another country!
What utter nonsense is this? You seem to be Palestinian yourself, that would explain your blind hatred and ignorance.
The GoC is the noblest, cleanest party in Lebanon, at least its members do not betray their country like other parties!
Check your facts and stop with the silly propaganda.
But anyway, those who do know the GoC can only admire and respect them, and for your information, Abu Arz isn't *hiding* in Israel, he is in Cyprus. He was offered bribery like every other politician but was too proud to settle being a Syrian lapdog.
Long live free Lebanon!
I love the Guardians of the Cedars. The problem is that many Lebanese are brain washed by arabs and islam.

During the civil war, everyone butchered each other...christians, muslims, druze, syria, israel, palestinians, iranians, etc etc etc. All did real bad shit.

Now get this....after all that...

The Lebanese are at peace among themselves...at the moment.
There is peace with Lebanon and Syria.
There is peace with Lebanon and the Palestinians.
There is peace with Syria and the Palestinians.
It goes on and on....and all butchered each other.

Why then, if someone can help me out here, is there no peace with Lebanon and Israel??

I will tell you all why....because arabs are a bunch of racist losers.
Hizbollah attacked Israel to free prisoners held in Israeli jails?????
If Huzbollah actually give a shit about Lebanon at all, why don't they attack Syria and try
to free Lebanese held in Syrian jails?????

That would be unthinkable...and i will tell you why, because Hizbollah are a bunch
of pathetic racist losers, that's why.

Israel is a great nation state, and i admire them greatly.
They are Lebanon's most natural friends. Yet arabs do a real real great
job spreading their ignorant propoganda bullshit. And people lap it up like stupid dogs.

The Guardians were perfect. They knew who their friends were...Israel.
Israel wants peace with Lebanon, and smart peace loving Lebanese would make peace
with Israel now if they could, but racist hateful stupid ignorant Lebanese will make
peace with every murderer, before they will even talk with the good people of Israel.

Why???? Because they are no arabs. Because they are not muslim.
That's why.

Israel never ever occupied Lebanon, they tried to protect Lebanon from it's enemies.
Israel helped Lebanon, and the Guardians new that and co-operated with them like good patriotic Lebanese.
Syria and the Palestinians just wanted to stir trouble in Lebanon in order to bring down the Christians, because they are a bunch of racists.

The SLA were a free army in a free part of Lebanon, before the occupying terrorrists hizbollah arrived.

Long live free Lebanon.
Long live the State of Israel, our only friends in the wicked middle east.

To my mind the GOC mixes some valid politics with some inane racism and revisionist history. That being said, the PLO/PLA was a Syrian and Marxist inspired scourge. The Palestinian bolus that Lebanon had to accept (particularly after the Jordanian expulsion)should never have been tolerated. To ban the GOC and allow Hizbullah to exist - and tiurn Lebenaon into an Iranian colony - is absurd. I agree with the poster who said the real reason the GOC is banned is that it advocates peace with Israel. To this extent I feel Lebanon should have long ago made peace with Israel, exchanged ambassadors and engaged in active trade. Those sorts of activities and practices are what allow us to avoid tragedies like the war of 2006.

Wut???!!! Who wants to kill me, I'm a Palestinian ANY TAKERS??!!!
if your out of lebanon and walking towards syria, then keep walking.

everyone, plz pay your attention for 10 seconds on this video on youtube.com


b4 the war between gaza and israel,(in 2008 and 2009).
iran supplied weapons to the palestinians in gaza, and now when the ceasefire ended, the gazans are sending rockets to israel.

so heres the real plan, and for some who hate me for exposing their plan, you can kiss my ass.

the iranians supplied weapons to the palestinians to weaken israel at one point, and then the hezbollah will weaken israel at another point A.K.A south lebanon, the syrians part in this is supplieing hezbollah with the artillary and weapons to cont
inue their attacks, and the video of the iranian technology that you just saw. The iranians will attack the coast of israel with those special planes to weaken the other point of israel.

Now no one here will stop the GoC from stopping this horible plan, so heres another hidden fact.

We all know that iran,syria, and hezbollah, are shiat coutries and a terrorist organisation.

they all want to wipe out israel so they can get closer to saudi arabia to continue their sunni and shiat war. The jews and christians are in the way of their plan, and mostly the GoC for they want to stop this arabism proganda from spreading into LEBANESE SOIL (PHOENICIAN SOIL). Kiss my ass you arabs, as long as the decendents of the soldiers from the GoC are still alive, we will not go down for we have risen like the blazing fire of the phoenix, and shal continue to guard the cedar tree (arez). LEBANON AT YOUR SERVICE!
Racism, bigotry and stereotypes have always been involved.
What the hell is the difference, we are all human beings made from the same carbon atom. Stop with this bullshitting pride and nationalism. If you look profoundly into the matter everybody is considered a migrant (haha we are all gypsies). Arab pride, Phoenician pride, Assyrian pride, etc.. this all bullshitting non-sense and you all have to accept that. The reason we see these groups in developing and third-world countries is primarily because of the governments that do not foster to all citizens, where oppression and marginalization have provided such outcomes. If, however we lived in an unequivocal political system, where no minorities groups exist since everyone is an active citizen who abides by secular liberal law then surely we wil not see such non-sense. Look at Canada or the US, have you heard of a community indicting racial comments and establishing organizations that foster to their ancestral roots, hell no, because they are proud americans and canadians. So learn from others damn it. All who believe in this national pride are veiling behind bigotry and non-sense.
Lenanese Nationalism, as an ideology, is based on histporical, geographical, and humanitarian facts.

Researchers, Historeians, and credible people of science are unfortunately considered "non-sense"and "shit"by traditional ignorence.

Maurice Denaud, May and ALfred Mur, Yousef El Sawda, Charles Qurum, CHarles Malek, Jawad Boulos, Fouad AFram El Boustany, Kamal Yousef El Hajjm, and many others ... are behind the modern Lebanese Nationalism Ideology.

They teach those people in schools, and not only in Lebanon.

To all of you idiots, who criticize the ideology of Lebanese Nationalism:

Show me the books you wrote, show me the degrees you earned, and maybe i will listen to you.

Read Read Read, maybe a thousand books before you can earn the honor of reading the Lebanese Nationalism ideology.

Nothing saddens me more than this intellectual bankruptcy!

Many dogs laugh at the graves of lions. But Dogs shall be dogs, and Lions shall be Lions.
The GOC is not anti islam as the above propogandist article suggests. Within the orginal guardians their were many shiite, and few sunni members. None of them used religion as a barrier to a greater lebanon.
You speak of GoC as such you better be prepared you dumb idiot with false knowledge and crappy propaganda!!!
What is Hizbullah? An Iranian tool waiting for willayat el fakih and their stupid mahdi. At least GoC is looking after the interest of Lebanon, what's Hizbullah doing? Ah, awaiting the mahdi, and looking at mugniyeh's face on the moon, hahahahaha. Idiot!!!
I support the GOC!

Long live the Guardians of the Cedars... The protectors of Lebanon and only Lebanon!
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